Lifestyle: October Goals.

Oct 1, 2014

Accountability. Now there’s a concept I can’t bring myself to be befriend quite yet. I’m in this intense state of junioritis which involve being completely uncensored with no regard toward acceptable societal norms. No, I don’t walk down the street in the nude (Though I do want to try naked yoga sometime soon. Pretty similar concept?), but I also don’t show the slightest sensitivity toward people’s feelings nowadays. I’ve reached being unapologetic and careless to a degree past anything acceptable- especially in my own life.

Which leads me to this- I need balance, I need shit togetherness, and I need accountability. Common denominator, anyone? That’s right! A good ol’ fashioned goals list shared with the good ol’ fashioned interwebz. Here are all the marvelous achievements I hope to unlock by the end of this month. On October 31st sharp, I will be checking in to see how far I've come regressed. Easy does it!

The Goal: Purchase winter tickets for Los Angeles.
The Process: Come to terms with the fact that I will be spending an unreasonable amount of money. Try to convince all my professors that I deserve to be the exception to the ‘everyone needs to be in class during the final exam’ rule.
The Inspiration: My super beautiful, super talented boyfriend who will be screening his short film at USC during the fine month of December.

The Goal: Get my eating in check and move more.
The Process: Be better about cooking the food I spend over $100 for at Walmart before it goes rotten in my refrigerator and I have to throw it away. Put my fancy FitBit to good use because just cause it was an expensive little dweeb doesn’t mean it’s gonna walk my ass for me.
The Inspiration: My lazy ass is feeling a bit like an extra squished pancake lately from all that class resting and work resting and homework doing resting. And my lazy insides are feeling a bit like deathly from all that Nutella and Nutella and NUTELLA.

The Goal: Keep up with my three times per week blog post editorial calendar.
The Process: Start planning the entire week during the previous weekend. Stop being a chicken about asking semi-unknown people to take my outfit photos. I’ve missed some really good ones during September because my shyness was unbearable.
The Inspiration: Life without my baby is a bit lot bleak. One of my greatest joys in life is coming back to this little corner of the internet where I am in charge of eeeeeeeerythang, and a little part of me dies every time I feel like I’m not doing enough to keep this blog alive.

The Goal: Start looking at summer internships and graduate schools.
The Process: Find a day when I am not sleep deprived and incoherent and start researching and reaching out to professors/friends/family/professionals about internship opportunities and graduate school advice. Equally important: finally put together that portfolio.
The Inspiration: You know those kids that live and breathe #collegelyfe and wholeheartedly believe that college is going to be the best time of their lives? Yeah, I’m not one of those. I crave the moments when I get to pay for my own food and health insurance and phone bills. I guess I already pay for some of that on my own, but you get the idea. I’m just one of those people that feels they could do better out in the real world than stuck at school in New Mexico.

The Goal: Become more spiritual/in touch with my body and mind.
The Process: More yoga. More meditation attempts. More Zen Habits (Especially more Zen Habits. Brilliant blog!). More Buddhist-based self-help books. More being in my own mind.
The Inspiration: I’m not religious and I don’t desire to be. However, I believe and crave feeling as a part of something bigger than myself. I generally see myself as well rounded, but this is one last puzzle piece that’s completely new and unexplored by me. Also, I just generally need to calm the fannypack down. 

And here ya have it. Everything I can be held accountable for as of right NOW. I will check in with these goals at the end of the month and see how far I've come/what I will continue to pursue! What are some of your goals for the month? I'd love to know! 


  1. Love your October goals- it's so important for me to really pay attention to what I eat, but especially around the fall + holiday season! So many goodies!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Yep! Especially since pumpkin spice season started! So many delicious treats! Thank you for stopping by! :)


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