Outfit: The Boyfriend Look.

May 30, 2014

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: gifted
bracelets: unknown
necklace: Rue 21
baseball top: Aeropostale
belt: thrifted
boyfriend jeans: Aeropostale @ Plato's Closet
sneakers: Graceland @ Deichmann
bag: thrifted (orig. Ralph Lauren)

I've never been a fan of mixing TOO many relaxed/rugged-looking pieces, but for comfort (and not shaving)'s sake, I decided to give it a go for today's outfit. I find that Aeropostale has a great selection of all things relaxed and cute! I purchased this baseball top last year, for somewhere around $10, I believe, and it's been a great go-to for those I'm-lazy-but-I-still-wanna-look-sort-of-girly days. The boyfriend jeans are a closet staple, always ready to be dressed up or down. I'm particularly fond of my $2 Rue 21 necklace, which can be worn with SO MANY COLORS, it's a bit insane. Rue 21 always has some great costume jewelry finds for about $2-5 when on sale, and I find that, if cared for, they can last at least two years. Definitely something to check out if you're in the habit of overspending on costume jewelry!

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Outfit: Thrifted Tunic.

May 28, 2014

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: Romania
tunic: thrifted
skirt: Greece
bag: thrifted
booties: Madden Girl

Fun fact: this past week I've donated about 7 trash bags filled with clothing (The white trash bags, not the huge black ones. Common misconception). Since my family is moving to Texas at the end of next month, it's been a constant packing/throwing out/donating fiasco that I am incredibly excited to be over. There's a couple of bright sides, though. 

First off, since I've been getting rid of stuff I don't wear/don't need (Mostly. There's still some visibly useless items that I just can't let go of quite yet.), I feel like my life has uncluttered a bit and I've been taking it as an opportunity to rethink my wardrobe. I've vowed to not make impulse purchases anymore and only focus on getting versatile items that I can wear in many different ways. We'll see how that one goes! 

Secondly, my mother is getting rid of stuff as well, so I've been shopping in her closet for the past week or so! This adorable tunic is one of the items I picked up during mom-haul time, and I absolutely love the colors, fit, and the fact that it was thrifted! If you think I have a knack for finding adorable cheap clothing, well...my mother is the queen of it all. I swear, every single time she's wearing something super cute I secretly start judging her for splurging at the mall and then she just pulls out the 'Oh this was thrifted. I got like a bag full of clothes for $5' card and I just bow down in the face of brilliance. 

Naturally, I picked up a few more items during mom-haul, and I'm way excited to share!

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Outfit: Late Spring Blues.

May 26, 2014

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda + Leo Petriu
jewelry set: made by boyfriend
blazer: Max Rave
peplum: One Clothing @ Ross Dress for Less
boyfriend shorts: Refuge @ Charlotte Russe
sneaker wedges: Nine West @ Marshall's
bag: unknown

I am semi-concerned with the amount of stuff from my mother's closet that I am interested in. Took her bag, took her peplum, took the new cardigan she just bought at JC Penney for $1.97 (!!!)- but that's going to be in a different post. So, does that mean I dress like a 40-something year old or is it my mother dressing like a 20-something year old? Either way, I appreciate the option to basically double up my closet for free! 

Today's (actually, not going to lie, last week's) outfit was the perfect walk in the park combination. The weather has been a bit tricky, switching on and off between sunshine and rain + hot and cold, so it didn't hurt to be prepared. The entire outfit is centered around my beautiful new jewelry set, a belated 2-year anniversary present from my boyfriend. I swear he could open up a jewelry business! This is the second handmade set he's given me, and I'm incredibly excited to find new ways to incorporate it into my daily looks, just as I have with the previous set (which can be seen hereherehere, and here). So versatile, right?

This set in particular I absolutely adore because of the various tricks up its sleeves! The necklace spells out Aidan on one side, and Ada on the other in little letter blocks that unite in the middle with a heart. The set also contains shoe charms and pigeon charms, the pigeon being a representation of my childhood in my Romanian hometown. SO ADORABLE! 

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Outfit: Neon Accents.

May 20, 2014

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
necklace: unknown
bag: garage sale (orig. Tommy Hilfiger)
dress: Forever21
belt: Wet Seal (came with a peplum top)
jacket: Dollhouse @ Charlotte Russe
shoes: Brash @ Payless ShoeSource

Slowly, but surely, the weather is becoming bearable and totally appropriate for cute, cheap Forever21 peplum dresses. Throw in a $2 garage sale'd Tommy Hilfiger bag, and you're golden (or rather, oranged). I'm beyond excited for all the prospective outfit combinations that come with the sunny (but windy) weather. Here's to a summer of prints and dresses and shorts and beach bumming. Hope everyone is having a lovely beginning of summer break!

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Outfit: Off-duty Casual.

May 16, 2014

Photos by Ionela Petriu
earrings: unknown
ring: unknown
blazer: Rave
bag: Romania
t-shirt: thrifted (originally Gap)
jeans: LC Lauren Conrad
sneakers: Converse

To jump right into this post- I don't believe the pictures do this look justice. It's just so quintessentially off-duty and casual, and so misrepresented by the background and color choices, and I'm actually pretty upset by that. Alas, I wanted to share it with everybody, so here it is. 

Being home for summer is a bit of a drag because there's nothing to dress up for. I come from the land of socks and sandals and Starbucks as the main town attraction, so you can only imagine. I actually dragged myself out of the house today and had somewhat of a social life (partially at Starbucks, of course), so what better way to approach small town social gatherings than with comfy sneakers and basically the comfiest, most perfect thrifted T-shirt ever? (Thanks mom!)

Speaking of thanking mothers, if you've been following my impure thoughts about my mother's bag rants, you will be pleased to know that they are now a thing of the past because.... I've defeated the matriarchy. I am now the proud owner of best oversize basic bag ever! I'll (legally) drink to that!

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Outfit: All black with a twist.

May 14, 2014

Photos by Leo Petriu
earrings: unknown
turtleneck: Gap (thrifted)
jacket: Forever 21
leggings: G by Guess (thrifted)
sneakers: Converse 

Greetings, everybody! Following a semester of death, I'm finally able to post again, and have plenty a dreams for the future of my little corner of the internet. I'm looking forward to my new found free time, and the possibility of posting 3x/wk. in the near future. Working on the blog has become something so near and dear to my heart, and I'm going to continue full force with my newfound passion. 

This first outfit post is just a basic comfy look that I put together quickly to go outside and film my little brother (he's really into movie making now). I've been giving these leggings plenty of love lately, and will probably continue to do so until the weather allows me to drown in pretty florals and summery dresses. I'm beyond excited for what is to come this summer! Stay tuned!

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