Outfit: Thrifted Tunic.

May 28, 2014

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: Romania
tunic: thrifted
skirt: Greece
bag: thrifted
booties: Madden Girl

Fun fact: this past week I've donated about 7 trash bags filled with clothing (The white trash bags, not the huge black ones. Common misconception). Since my family is moving to Texas at the end of next month, it's been a constant packing/throwing out/donating fiasco that I am incredibly excited to be over. There's a couple of bright sides, though. 

First off, since I've been getting rid of stuff I don't wear/don't need (Mostly. There's still some visibly useless items that I just can't let go of quite yet.), I feel like my life has uncluttered a bit and I've been taking it as an opportunity to rethink my wardrobe. I've vowed to not make impulse purchases anymore and only focus on getting versatile items that I can wear in many different ways. We'll see how that one goes! 

Secondly, my mother is getting rid of stuff as well, so I've been shopping in her closet for the past week or so! This adorable tunic is one of the items I picked up during mom-haul time, and I absolutely love the colors, fit, and the fact that it was thrifted! If you think I have a knack for finding adorable cheap clothing, well...my mother is the queen of it all. I swear, every single time she's wearing something super cute I secretly start judging her for splurging at the mall and then she just pulls out the 'Oh this was thrifted. I got like a bag full of clothes for $5' card and I just bow down in the face of brilliance. 

Naturally, I picked up a few more items during mom-haul, and I'm way excited to share!

Thank you so much for stopping by :)


  1. That tunic is amazing!! Love the print! I can't believe it's thrifted! So cute!

    <3 Shannon

    1. Thank you! Thrifted items are always the loveliest!

  2. What a cute top!


  3. So cute! Please stop by my blog at www.loveolia.com! Hope you'll follow along :)

    1. Thank you! I've actually been following your blog for a while now- love your colorful style! :)

  4. That tunic is gorgeous! Love it!


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