Outfit: Polka Dot Dress + Color Block Cardi.

Mar 25, 2015

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
cardigan: JC Penney
necklace: Topshop
dress: Wet Seal
bag: garage sale (orig. Tommy Hilfiger)
shoes: thrifted
Hi, everyone! Today I'm sharing two of my favorite items, which happen to be old and somehow not presented on the blog as of yet. Actually, I lie. I've rocked the dress before during my first attempt to take my own blog pictures (see here). The shoes, however, I've hidden from the world very well. 
I got these while thrifting my freshman year of college, after roommate observed how 'me' they were. I love them so much that I took time to fix the heel when they got worn out! 'Tis a gesture I've only ever imitated with my maxi dresses by shortening them for a better fit. Taking time out to customize my purchases is the best way I know to show my love towards them. 
Currently I'm chilling at home for spring break after a short trip to Vegas with my roommies. With a little over a month left to go, I'm so close to summer and it's both terrifying and exciting to me! I still have so much planning to do for this summer, but everything will be worth it.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great rest of your week! 

Outfit: Polka Dot Crop + Poufy Skirt.

Mar 18, 2015

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: Jewelry Box
top: Aeropostale
jacket: unknown
skirt: thrifted
shoes: American Eagle @ Payless ShoeSource
bag: Nine West
It's been a while since I've actively allowed myself to take time and put together a cute, girly and print-tastic outfit. I figured an El Paso day date with my favorite guy would be the prime time for that. 
This crop top is one of my prized possessions- I saw it in Seventeen magazine (before I finally took the leap and cancelled my subscription- cause really, I'm way too old to be reading about teenage issues). Anyway, I went to the store, magazine in hand, and was beyond ecstatic to find that they didn't only have the top, but they had it in my favorite pile (hint: the one that starts with S and ends with E). 
This outfit has me reminiscing about the time I would spend hours stalking everything Annasophia Robb wore on The Carrie Diaries. Is anyone else bitter that show got cancelled? Over a year later and I still can't get over it. I guess all that's left to do is draw inspiration from the past. 
That's all I have for tonight, guys! That and a special hello to my dad, who apparently finally came across my blog and is now an avid reader. HI, DAD! 
Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Outfit: Jeweled Top + Sheer Maxi.

Mar 16, 2015

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: gifted
hair stars: Charmsies
necklace: unknown
top: Wet Seal
cardigan: Charlotte Russe
skirt: Charlotte Russe
bag: Nine West
shoes: Nine West via Plato's Closet

If there's one mall store that I will always stand by, it has to be Charlotte Russe. As with any fast fashion establishment, you really have to pick and choose, making sure your purchase, however inexpensive, will actually get its screen time and not just be a dust magnet. However, there are a lot of hidden gems that I want to love on!

When I went into the store a few weeks ago, they had a great deal on skirts! Although I was tempted to indulge in a lot of cute looks, I left with this babe only, as most of the other ones were too see through, too short, too impractical, etc etc. 

I have a long way to go until I achieve the perfect mix of high (and by high, I mean stuff that the everyday middle classer has no issues justifying, but I have to write a one-page list to even think about purchasing) and low, but I'm slowly becoming more aware of how to shop with my brain and not my impulsive emotions. 

In other news, huge shoutout to the earrings. They were all the rage for elementary schoolers in Romania back in the day. And yes, I've had them for that long!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Outfit: Cold Shoulder Top + Boyfriend Jeans.

Mar 11, 2015

Photos by Fernanda Teixeira 
earrings: Jewelry Box
pearl set: mother's
ring: unknown
watch: Michael Kors
bag: Sole Society
top: Sosie
jeans: Old Navy
shoes: Nine West via Plato's Closet
If I had a dollar for every time I've purchased amazing shoes from Plato's Closet, I'd probably be able to purchase even more amazing shoes. I've probably went on a mini Plato's Closet rant on different occasions, but I need to reiterate: 'tis the place to shop at. 
Another awesome place to shop at? Old Navy. Especially for jeans. Let's just take a moment to love on the perfect boyfriend jeans, that basically feel like PJ's but look put together enough that you wouldn't get judged for wearing them to Walmart, or anywhere else for that matter. Along with the boyfriends, the Rockstar skinny jeans are worth looking into- my favorite affordable jeans ever!

And how about we go 3 for 3 tonight and I tell you guys about one last awesome place to shop at? Okay? Okay. Sole Society it is! This bag was my first purchase with them, but I will definitely be returning to the website- quality product and quality service are my type of deal! 
Thank you so much for stopping by! 

Style: Winter Date Lookbook.

Mar 2, 2015

Good evening, everyone! A super quick post for you guys tonight, as there is a killer migraine running through Adaopolis (so bad that my jokes are extra awful tonight). 

I've had this footage laying around since winter break and finally decided it was its time to shine. I actually did wear every outfit featured, so I guess this is half date lookbook/ half delayed outfit of the week post. Either way, I had loads of fun making it. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! Enjoy!

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