December 19, 2014

Outfit: Leather Leggings + Lippy Top.

Photos by Leo Petriu
earrings: Eve's
scarf: made by grandmother
top: Rue21
jacket: thrifted (orig. Jones New York)
bag: thrifted (orig. Nine West)
leggings: Forever 21
booties: Sketchers

Good afternoon, lovely people! Today's post has one purpose and one purpose only: to introduce you to the most versatile pair of bottoms I have ever owned. These days, I'm all about cost-per-wear, and although I'm ashamed to admit that I spent nearly $30 for a pair of leggings (sorry, mom!), these babies have already been worn three times in the past week!

I didn't go out with the mindset to buy leggings that are more expensive than most of the jeans I own, but after dragging my poor significant other through The Grove for about two hours, I felt obligated to at least leave with happy purchases. (I'm sorry. That's a horrible way to justify my impulsive behavior.)

At any rate, beyond today's outfit, I've worn these with heeled ankle booties and a black and gold top for a party vibe, and a slouchy shirt with low boots for an airport-friendly outfit! They have yet to let me down, or expose my ass in any way, which is a lovely little perk when it comes to fast fashion leggings.

If you're looking for something that allows for comfort and can be dressed up or down, these are for you!

Thanks for stopping by!

December 17, 2014

Outfit: Over-the-Knee Boots + Furry Vest.

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: made by boyfriend
scarf: unknown
fur vest: thrifted
sweater: L.A. Hearts via PacSun
bag: thrifted
jeans: Old Navy
boots: Charlotte Russe
The last outfit from my Thanksgiving break, this look kept me particularly warm and toasty during what's probably the coldest day I've experienced all season. I'm not a fan of bulky faux fur items, so this thrifted vest was a great compromise- the amount of furriness isn't overwhelming, but the benefits of warmth are still ever present. 
Dressing for cold weather is an ever-learning process for me. Even with all the holiday cheer, the cold winter time is my least favorite of the year. Bulky clothes and layering are two things I'll probably never be able to get behind, as my short and curvy frame tends to be pretentious with cold weather clothes. Well, here's to hoping that someday I'll learn how to balance it all out.

As usual, thank you for stopping by! I hope everyone is having a lovely near-Christmas celebration! 

December 10, 2014

Outfit: Red Coat + Colorful Skinnies.

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: thrifted
coat: Forever 21
sweater: Aeropostale
bag: mother's
jeggings: American Eagle Outfitters
boots: Jazmin via Ross Dress for Less

Here is another look from my Thanksgiving break spent in Santa Fe. Usually, this would be far off anything I would wear on a day-to-day basis (all the places I interact with on a constant basis- southern NM, Texas, LA- are known for being on the warmer side of the spectrum). However, this coat is something I've been having to pull out a lot recently, even in Las Cruces, where nowadays you can't tell if by noon you'll need a coat or a spaghetti strap.

Speaking of coats, this little number and I were meant to be. I walked into a Forever 21 set on finding something cheap and practical and not bulky. I HATE winter clothes and layering, so I always need to quadruple think about the purchases I make and ensure that I actually like them enough to wear them. Anyway, this beauty happened to be the deal of the week- about $22, give or take.

The only one left was on the mannequin, and should I choose to ask someone to take it down, I had to buy it- no matter if it did not fit me. I didn't wanna risk spending money on something ill-fitting, so I decided to drown my sorrows in the fitting room with the help of about 10 other beautiful things. Long story short- as I was parting ways with at least 8 items and drowning in more tears, it was right there staring me in the eyes: my lovely red coat, exactly the size I needed (one size larger than the one on the mannequin). Can you say match made in heaven?!?

I left bae behind for winter break while I take in some sun smog in lovely Los Angeles. Though I'm already deep in some winter break adventures, I still have 3 papers to go until the semester ends. Fingers crossed those motivation levels stay decent!

I hope everyone is having a great finals week/beginning of winter break! Thank you for stopping by!

December 8, 2014

Outfit: Festive Peplum + Black Skinnies.

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
pearl set: mother's
peplum top: Charlotte Russe
blazer: thrifted
clutch: mother's
pants: American Eagle Outfitters
shoes: Candie's at Kohl's

I was a bit overdressed for Thanksgiving this year, but luckily, my pants were snug enough (all hail jegging material) to make room for all the delicious food I got to sink my teeth into. The beautiful peplum top I purchased especially for the occasion also helped. Seriously, guys. It was better than Christmas! The lack of good food in my system throughout this semester has been overwhelming.

The lack of good clothes, though, is a different situation. Because there was no lack of good clothes. Because I went a bit crazy with my shopping again. Because yolo sometimes I'm an irresponsible 20something year old. 

My two new additions for this look were the peplum top (versatile) and the simple black pumps (also versatile), so I don't feel particularly bad. Those pumps are pretty comfy, too, and I'm in love with how pretty they look on. I guess Kohl's is the place to go for your first pair of black pumps. Who would've known?!?

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it a whole lot! Happy finals week! 

December 1, 2014

Outfit: Lacy Sweatshirt + Neon Button Down.

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
hat: Wet Seal
earrings: Charlotte Russe
button down: Forever21
sweatshirt: Forever21
bag: thrifted
jeans: Old Navy
boots: Jazmin via Ross Dress for Less

I remember buying this sweatshirt many many (at least 4) years ago, and my mom saying that I'm never actually going to wear it. For a while I suppose I didn't...and then came college. Honestly, joke's on her, cause this sweatshirt has gotten its money's worth and then some. I got it on super sale for less than $10 and it's been the most practical and comfy purchase ever. It might actually be the most worn piece in my closet!

I'm absolutely loving this layered outfit, perfect for early winter time. I especially approve of the fact that it's not bulky- I hate winter clothing, especially the bulky kind. 

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving break- I know I did. Mine was filled with great food, plenty of cuddles, and, of course, some blog post preparation! A huge shoutout goes to my lovely boyfriend for always supporting my love for this blog and taking the time to document my outfits. I'm excited to finally have a lot of new outfit posts to share with you all :)

Thank you so much for stopping by!