September 28, 2015

Outfit: LBD + Camel Jacket.

The Outfit
Photos by Fernanda Teixeira
earrings: gifted (Forever21)
necklace: gifted
dress: Lush (via Crossroads Trading Co.)
jacket: Crossroads Trading Co.
bag: Ralph Lauren
socks: Target
boots: Mudd (via Kohl's)

The Details

The Story

Today's vibe is ready-to-sleep complete with under eye bags and 5 layers of blanket because it's too freaking cold. Therefore, in an effort to save myself and actually get a decent amount of sleep, there will be no story associated with this blog post. Let's have the multitude of pictures that I couldn't narrow down do all the talking. After all, this look is just too cool for words.

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September 22, 2015

Outfit: Crop Tee + High Waisted Trousers.

The Outfit
Photos by Fernanda Teixeira
earrings: Jewelry Box
top: Crossroads Trading Co.
backpack: Walmart
trousers: Forever 21
sandals: Steve Madden (via Crossroads Trading Co.)

The Details

The Story

Other than my jeans, most of the things I own are somewhat form fitting and have the ability to be dressed up. This awesome crop top breaks my wardrobe's mold, though. The moment I saw it in Crossroads, it completely stole my heart and ran many miles with it. I fought the purchase, but it honestly would have been one of those ones under the "Nothing haunts you as much as the purchases you didn't make" realm. 

This outfit is so comfy and school appropriate, and I loved every second of wearing it. My friend did as well- she was the one that suggested we take pictures that day. It's just one of those looks that make me feel really effortlessly cool. 

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September 14, 2015

Outfit: Fringe Crop + Maxi Skirt.

The Outfit
Photos by Karin Rios
earrings: garage sale
top: Rue 21
bag: SoleSociety
cuff: garage sale
skirt: Charlotte Russe
sandals: Steve Madden (via Crossroads Trading Co.)

The Details

The Story

I don't know your experience with fall weather, but currently mine is inexistent. Southern New Mexico is still coated with thick layers of blood, sweat and tears. For the first time, I'm actually looking forward to layering and showing off my fall wardrobe for a change, so hanging in there with the summer wardrobe is proving to be a bit of a challenge. 

It was a bit too warm even for this outfit, but with zero time to shave the past week, I wanted something that would do double duty at keeping my sweat glands under control and my prickled legs covered up. Not that there's any shame in body hair. Some of us just aren't there yet ourselves, ya know? Anyway, this Charlotte Russe skirt is, as usual, pulling through for me. So here's to you, cute skirt that I almost didn't buy! You're the best.

And so are YOU for stopping by! Always much appreciated :)

September 11, 2015

Outfit: Off-the-Shoulder + Printed Pants.

The Outfit
Photos by Fernanda Teixeira
earrings: Romania
necklace: TJ Maxx
top: Charlotte Russe
pants: Rue 21
backpack: Target
shoes: J. Crew (via Crossroads Trading Co.)

The Details

The Story

To be honest, sometimes I struggle when picking out my outfit of the day. I struggle because every day I walk around campus and see girls that look the way I've always pictured college girls to look. Of course I can't truly know what goes on in their wardrobes (or lives), but in my mind they embody the ideal college lifestyle. These are the girls that I look at and think "Wow, she looks so pretty and put together" and the same girls that guys always do a double take on. 

Some days I crave that lifestyle- that aura around me, but for some reason I always go back to my own version if it. I could describe it as half average college girl, half man repeller. This outfit feels exactly like that- there's going to be the lovers, and there's going to be the haters (most likely making up the majority). 

I'm a relatively tame example of self-expression, and would never second guess myself in a big city where doing your own thing is encouraged and celebrated. But living in a relatively small town with a lack of focus on personal style can really get to me sometimes. I struggle to maintain my own vision of myself, but there are times when I just want to put on the same cute dress everyone else is wearing and go on with my day. 

I guess there's some soul searching to be done. 

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September 4, 2015

Fashion: Fall 2015's Most Wearable Trends.

With fall right around the corner (jk, it's still pretty toasty here), it's time to consider this season's yays and nays. After returning to school grossly under packed for the hot weather, you best believe I'm excited to crank out some long sleeves and booties, and purchase (a very limited amount of) clothes that are trendy and versatile. 

After investing in a couple of big purchases, finances are a bit iffy this semester, so I'm going to be hopping on that frugal train as much as humanly possible. Since not purchasing clothes is a highly unrealistic goal for me, I've created a list of new trendy fall essentials that I've been dying to try- and my challenge is to find the most affordable yet comfortable version of each item. Come along and challenge yourself with me. It'll all be great fun. 

Here's the fall 2015 trends that have inspired me to shake up my wardrobe this season. Let me know what your favorites are :)


-denim A-line skirt
-distressed hem jeans
-flare denim
-striped sweater
-keyhole cutouts


-mary janes
-tied up flats
-low menswear shoes
-brown cross body bag
-estate jewelry
-long pendant necklace


-white eyeliner
-strong eye + lip combo

Not living in a big city is going to turn finding these items at a decent price into a full-on scavenger hunt. I already snagged a denim A-line skirt at Charlotte Russe, but for this fall's future purchases I'll be going through Old Navy's racks for the jeans, Marshall's for shoes, Ross Dress for Less for all other accessories and the drugstore for all beauty items. 

Which ones of these are your favorite trends? Let me know down below!