January 27, 2015

Style: SAG Awards Favorites.

For some reason, awards season is really tickling my fancy this time around, and not even only on the red carpet. One of my silly New Year's resolutions was to actually watch the ceremonies and be less clueless about celebrity life. (Because I may or may not be somewhat interested in celebrity PR as a future career. Don't judge. We're all friends here!).

I had never seen the Screen Actors Guild awards before, so the viewing experience was something new for me. I thought the actor pride they showed was really humanizing- we tend to look at celebrities as superficial and puppet-like, but watching Uzo Aduba and Patricia Arquette become so emotional at the recognition of their hard work made them so relatable as humans. 

From a fashion perspective, the red carpet did not disappoint. Although I did not personally identify with their outfits, the cast of Orange is the New Black slayed in terms of risks and color/texture usage. And, let's be honest, they basically slayed the entire awards ceremony.

On my part, here are my favorite looks of the night (in no particular order), with a wee bit of commentary, as per usual!
Maria Menounos is just a clean and crisp Greek goddess and I love it. She always chooses to be simple on the red carpet, and it always works in her favor.
Felicity Jones is a wonderful human being and actress. If you haven't seen Like Crazy or Breathe In (both in which she is stunning and a bit insane), you better get on that. Her usual gown choices tend to be classical- a little on the elderly side, even. But this dress is classic and modern and ladylike and everything I would ever imagine Felicity to be in real life.
I'm too invested in monochrome looks to fully appreciate printed gowns on the red carpet, but Lupita Nyong'o always picks the most special, princess-worthy looks and accentuates them with impeccable hair and makeup choices. This one doesn't disappoint. 
Claire Danes is one of the most gorgeous people on this planet to me. I swear, this woman never shows signs of aging. Nope, she's still Juliet! She's also one of the people who always makes interesting fashion choices with surprise elements (THE BELT!!! AHH!!!). And that's not even the reason I'm absolutely in love with this look! Let's all just take a moment to appreciate Queen Claire and her ability to make her complexion/hair color absolutely GLOW through her color choices.
Sarah Hyland looked like a stunning princess. I loved this dress' mix of elegant and sexy and found it to be really on point for someone in her 20s. The deep cut of the dress is also very tastefully done, while still maintaining that sex appeal factor. That's a pretty important point, given the look of cleavage conscious dresses today (whaddup Jen's Globes!).
Lastly, I'm not even sure what Emma Stone is wearing, but she's Emma Stone and her look is just on point and unique every single time and I absolutely love it! The classic colors and red lips never fail me. Teach me your ways, Emma! 

Sorry, I really couldn't contain myself on that one! Thank you so much for stopping by!

***All photographs are from Getty Images.

January 24, 2015

Outfit: White Sweater + Skinnies.

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: Icing
sweater: Wet Seal
bag: mother's
jeans: Love Culture
booties: Sketchers

Good evening, everyone! I wish I would have worn something quirkier for my trip to Austin during winter break, but the weather was so unreliable during that time that sticking with the basics seemed appropriate. 

On the upside, this was the perfect outfit to be a tourist in! It was comfy to walk in all day, and although it ended up being quite warm outside, the loose sweater allowed for air to enter freely- basically, I didn't feel like I was in a sauna. 

I had such a great day in Austin, visiting the Cathedral of Junk and the Graffiti Park. It's definitely one city that I wouldn't mind relocating to after college!

Thank you for stopping by! 

January 22, 2015

Outfit: Denim Jacket + Red Skinnies.

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
hat: thrifted
earrings: Forever21
scarf: made by grandmother
backpack: Walmart
denim jacket: thrifted
watch: Michael Kors
sweater: Buffalo Exchange
jeans: Old Navy
booties: Sketchers

Hello, friends! Welcome to part 2 of Ada tries to do winter weather and ends up being severely under-dressed for the occasion. I'm not sure in what world I found a denim jacket to be appropriate for the under 55 Farenheit weather, but at least it looked cool with the red jeans, amIrite? 

I got this beauty on one of my $5 big brown bag thrifting adventures, which probably means its individual cost came to about 50 cents or less. I'm so happy to give it some screen time finally!

Ever since college started, I've gotten stuck in this sweatshirt/sweatpants/comfy crap rut (Especially mid-semester, when everything gets really busy. That is a sight to avoid!), but lately I've been making a conscious decision to show more of my purchases some love. And of course, there's the New Year's Resolution: less purchases, more cost-per-wear!

Lastly: this backpack is from Walmart, of all places. My mind is blown.

Double lastly: can we just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful location, though?!? I wore this out on winter break in Boerne, and, although the place was a bit seasonally confused (all of the fall colors in late December!), it was nothing short of gorgeous!

Thank you for stopping by!

January 19, 2015

Outfit: Cropped Sweater + High Waisted Capris.

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
hat + scarf: Wet Seal
earrings: gifted
coat: Charlotte Russe
sweater: Wet Seal
bag: mother's
pants: American Eagle Outfitters
boots: DSW

Full disclosure: I don't do winter weather. My body doesn't do winter weather; my wardrobe doesn't do winter weather; my hair doesn't do winter weather; and my skin REALLY doesn't do winter weather. 

In a typical year, the places I interact with are southern New Mexico, Los Angeles, and San Antonio, none of which are known for cold winters. This time around, though, San Antonio decided to mess with me.

I'm happy I picked up this black and white coat from Charlotte Russe. Coats have always terrified me a bit, as I feel they swallow up my frame. However, the belted waist and fairly body-skimming shape made it a winner in my eyes!

Thank you so much for stopping by! 

January 16, 2015

Outfit: Leggings + Neon Studs.

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: Eve's
necklace: Icing
top: Self Esteem via Ross Dress for Less
leggings: Forever21
bag: Nine West
booties: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl's 

Hi, everyone! Today I'm sharing one of my winter break outfits. I wore this for a stroll downtown with my little brother and boyfriend- a comfy little number for wandering around different stores. The earrings are one of my favorite finds- from the cheap jewelry store in Las Cruces (Eve's). I got them for a dollar and they're just precious! 

Also worth noting are the leggings, which I've been wearing an obscene amount lately (mostly because nothing else fits me after the Christmas/New Year's Eve feast). Not to worry though, now that I'm back at school I'm definitely working on that. 

Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope everyone has a happy and healthy new semester!