February 15, 2017

Flounce and Crispness.

Whoa, it's been a while. Actually. I'm not going to pretend this is some sort of comeback. Truth is, I'm not sure when/what my next post will be - but I know this cozy little blog will be here waiting whenever I'm ready.

This past month has been too fast-paced for my liking, but as things fall into place, I have more and more time to enjoy LA's rare sunshine and some lovely, boyfriend seal of approval photography. 

I've been curious about Target's WhoWhatWear collection for some time now, but never quite found the motivation to try on some of the items... until now (and lord knows I can't make a purchase without trying it on beforehand). Last week I was a woman on a mission - namely a mission to pick my number ONE standout item from the entire collection and invest. And yes, when you're a young professional in a big, expensive city, even $35 counts as investing... 

Without further ado, here it is. The dress of my dreams and realities - and I couldn't be happier with it.
Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: gifted
necklace: TJ Maxx
sunglasses: Warby Parker
sweater: Charlotte Russe
bag: H&M
dress: WhoWhatWear at Target
shoes: Adidas Neo at DSW

Thanks for still coming back even though I'm a grade F blogger. Cheers!

January 13, 2017

Camel n' Comfort.

Yes, this outfit was comfort. Walking through Griffith Park on a cozy LA day - the kind where I'd fluctuate between wearing a coat and a short sleeve, the kind that is missed now in a week full of rainstorms - everything was comfort. 

This year has started off better than I could have ever imagined (except for Jan. 1, which I forget existed because I was sleeping off a hangover - sorry mom). My soul has been fed with so many little happies - from starting my first big girl job to hosting my college bestie and convincing her to at least not hate LA, to Latin dancing and so many other sweet moments. It's been a lot of pleasant experiences, and I hope to continue that deep into the new year.

I want to focus my time and energy on experiences, on relationships, on learning and growing and being more open to trying new things. They might not all be up my alley, but as long as I feel and look comfortable, everything will be just right. I'll keep you posted. 
Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: unknown
choker: LA Arts District Farmer's Market
coat: Charlotte Russe
off-the-shoulder top: Charlotte Russe
backpack: Zara (via Crossroads Trading Co.)
belt: unknown
jeans: Blue Spice Denim (via TJ Maxx) 
sneakers: Adidas Neo (via DSW)  

Thanks for being here! I <3 you for it! 

December 27, 2016

Overly Worn Ripped Mom Jeans (And Overly Analyzed Thoughts).

I keep leaving and coming back. It's been a slow year for the blog - not that the previous years have been particularly fast - but this one felt sporadic and inspiration-less. Maybe it's the 'content clutter' out there, making me feel like being on the internet isn't worth it. Like I'm contributing to our world's dumbing down, in one way or another. Or maybe it's just my current relationship with myself and my surroundings. Either way, it's been dry. 

This blog was never intended for other people's enjoyment. It's my place to create and store and document - and if my point of view is relevant and interesting to anyone else's life/style/experiences, I welcome it with open arms. It's my place to be and discover and share my most authentic self. Hopefully I've achieved that even in my half-assed presence. 

There's been a couple of times when I considered just deleting the blog - but then I'd be erasing 4 years of memories and coping mechanisms. This post was intended to be lighthearted and poke fun at my overworn mom jeans; not sure when it all went downhill. I suppose I just needed a good ol' interwebz therapy session. 

For the next year, I look forward to taking on this blog with fresh eyes. My life feels more together. I have a job lined up starting January. I'm in the middle of enjoying a long, relaxing holiday with my family. Everything feels purposeful, and it's given me time to think about the future. I want a 2017 that's focused on experiences, rekindling friendships and relationships, creating new ones, cultural immersion, and very limited materialistic happiness. Of course, style will still be an integral element of this blog - it's my most trusted form of expression. But life is about so much more, and I want to become aware of it. So here's to a new year of blogging - same focus on fashion as a means of expression, in a happier heart, centered mind, and aware body. 
Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: Romania
choker: BaubleBar
top: Crossroads Trading Co.
jacket: Old Navy
bag: H&M
jeans: Topshop
boots: Crossroads Trading Co.  

Thanks for being here - of all internet places you could be. 

November 25, 2016

The Crisp White Sneaker.

I was going to bring up how long it's been since I frequented this corner of the internet ... until I told my boyfriend I was posting again and he asked if I would be bringing up my absence in this first post. 

Am I really that predictable? Geesh! 

It's not that I haven't wanted to be back - I miss writing; REALLY sitting down and writing - SO much, but the end of daylight savings has really taken a toll on me. Fall has me in a constant state of melancholy and goosebumps, not to mention a lack of inspiration. 

I'll get up every morning, put on the same pair of jeans (or trade it off for the ankle variety), pile up a cami and one of three sweaters I own and call it a day. My current mission is to start building a stronger fall/winter wardrobe because, well... just cause I don't like the dang season doesn't mean it's not going to happen. Go figure. 

One of the more constant things in my life recently has been this white sneaker, which at press time is actually more of a light gray accumulation of dust and dirt. Nonetheless, these shoes are my saviors time and time again. When I'm boring; when I'm stylish - they're there for me, keeping my feet cozy and cool. 

Here, they're rocking out to errand day, striking a pose for the judgy onlookers that for some reason can't wrap their heads around people taking pictures outdoors. They did pretty well, if I do say so myself. 
Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
sunglasses: Warby Parker
earrings: gifted
choker: Forever 21
ring: Mexico
jacket: Young&Reckless
jumpsuit: Bardot
back: H&M
scarf: gifted
sneakers: Adidas Neo (via DSW) 

Thank you for being here! Much appreciated :) 

October 24, 2016

How to Style a Basic Slip Dress.

The sight of bracelet stacks and dangling necklaces is intoxicating, and so is the feeling of coming up with a look like that on a day when I just want to be sleeping and sipping on some tea. The latter is the bad kind of intoxicating, obvi. As in, the type that has that creepy black skeleton with the crossing bones on it 'intoxicating.'

Hence, as much as I love stalking blogger upon blogger and admiring their keen attention to detail, I just can't commit. Nuh-uh, my friends. On a Sunday you will find me sleeping away until the very last minute, at which point I will throw an embroidered slip dress on and dress it down with some of my favorite staples.

This thrifted number is one of my favorites. Although I wear it very rarely, it's one of those items I'm probably going to be saving for the kids. Quality material, timeless shape. To make it current, I added the shoe trend that took us lazy folks by storm - a super cool structured sneaker (my Lacoste babies are gray, but some crisp whites would completely transform the look) and a battered denim jacket- a staple of every thrift store in sight.

At the end, I added just a sliiiight bit of pizzaz with a vibrant liquid lipstick. It's amazing how such a minimal effort-requiring procedure can pull together a look.
 Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
glasses: Warby Parker
jacket: Crossroads Trading Co.
dress: thrifted
bag: Rebecca Minkoff
ring: vendor in Mexico
shoes: Lacoste

Thanks so much for stopping by :)