July 27, 2014

Important Interwebz: July 25.

Hi, everyone!

It's time for another Important Interwebz, and this week, I'm just taking it easy. After all the negativity coming up in the news lately, we just need some light reads. Therefore, here they are:

Aeropostale is doing a relaunch, and I'm beyond excited for it. To be honest, I still shop at Aeropostale even though I'm way past my middle school days, so the prospect of it getting EVEN BETTER? I'm sold.

I love dolling myself up just as much as the next girl (though I'm pretty bad at it), but I'm also a strong advocate for the bare movement (and I mean bare, not the no-makeup makeup look). And this girl gets me! Bravo on going bare to work!

A Beautiful Mess' #partypartyapp is your Instagram's new best friend. Trust me. Also A Beautiful Mess in general should be your new best friend.

51 Seriously Badass Ladies, courtesy of Buzzfeed. Yes, yes, yes x 51.

And last, but certainly not least, Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco hilariously join Tinder. I know this is more last week's news, but better late than never, right? 

Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

July 25, 2014

Outfit: Flower Skirt + Black Cami.

nm fashion blogger- flower skirtnm fashion blogger- black cami and flower skirt
nm fashion blogger- cute earrings

nm fashion blogger- beaded statement necklace

nm fashion blogger- elle bag and wet seal shoes
Photos by Leo Petriu
earrings + necklace: unknown
cami: Wet Seal
skirt: thrifted (orig. Cherokee)
bag: Elle
shoes: Wet Seal

Hi, everybody! 

I'm not gonna go on my usual outfit rant tonight because I am absolutely exhausted, but I still wanted to do a quick post this evening. I wore this outfit on a long shopping trip and it definitely fulfilled all of its duties. Shoes were comfy, cami didn't drench me in sweat, skirt didn't reveal any underwear when breezes would sneak up. A perfect 10, I would say!

Also, can we just take a second to admire this beautiful statement necklace? I think it was purchased somewhere in Romania, but I can't remember for sure. Wherever it's from, I'm absolutely in love with it.

Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

July 24, 2014

Lifestyle: The Wardrobe Purge: Trimming Down Your Wardrobe.

Hello, party people!

Toward the beginning of the month I introduced my new series, called The Wardrobe Purge, in the hopes of enlightening those poor souls that, like me, became slaves of consumerism to the point of hoarding unnecessary stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to live in a place that gives me so many choices and allows me to be stylish on a poor college girl budget, but there comes a time when hoarder girl over here needs to put on her big girl panties and stop spending money on irrelevant things.

My first purge post goes into a bit of detail about the decision-making process for the purge, but I felt that a more complete overview was needed. So, here we go!

First off, pick your purging time wisely. Long weekends, summer break, winter break, anytime you are likely to be bored and therefore stick with the task at hand. Summer + winter are also prime motivational purging time since most people see back-to-school and the new year as a fresh start.

Now that you've worked out the motivation, it's time to start the process. We've got 4 piles to work with: keepers, maybes, donation/sale, trash. 

You've got a keeper if:
  • it's a basic piece that fits you well and can be paired with loads of things in your closet,
  • it's something you find yourself going back to and wearing constantly,
  • it's something comfortable that you love to gravitate toward on lazy days,
  • it's a special-ish occasion item that you're not crazy over on a day-to-day basis, but you don't have anything else of the sort (e.g. job interview outfit- if the job interview comes up and you find yourself buying items that you like better, this moves to the donation pile- but just as a backup, it should stay for the time being).
Remember, everyone's basic pieces and preferences are different. Go with your own opinion, not your friend's.

You've got a maybe if:
  • it's something you've worn once or twice but is never your absolute first choice when creating your outfit,
  • it's something that you haven't worn because you didn't know it existed in your overflowing closet, but now that you've rediscovered it, you find yourself excited about the item,
  • it's something that you're feeling iffy about, but you can imagine it paired up with at least 3 different items in your keepers pile.

You've got a donation/potential sale if:
  • it's something that has been gently worn, not your style, but you could see someone else rocking it,
  • it's something that hasn't been worn and still has the tag on after a few months, 
  • it's something formal that you've already worn but don't want to part with because it's pretty,
  • it's something ill-fitting on you, but still in wearable condition with the potential to work on other body types,
  • it's something you've been wanting to part with for a while, but haven't yet for fear of your mother's wrath- "but it's so beautiful and you look like an adult in it and yadda yadda yadda" (this one was the determining factor in plenty of my discards),
  • basically, if it's in good condition and you're over it, don't throw it in the trash- one man's trash is another man's treasure.

And finally, you've got a trash contender if:
  • it's unintentionally ripped (i.e. not distressed boyfriend jeans, etc.) or has wear holes in it,
  • it's stained beyond repair (e.g. yellowing from deodorant stains...or plenty types of different alcohol stains on the pretty red formal dress that I wore to my cousin's wedding- HARDEST GOODBYE),
  • it's an undergarment that has touched your body (underwear, bathing suits, socks, etc.) 
I hope you enjoyed the second part of my Wardrobe Purge, and you're at least mildly inspired to make a change in your wardrobe. Next up in the series: what to do with your unwanted clothing! Stay tuned!

As usual, thank you for stopping by! 

July 23, 2014

Style: Wedding Attire with Paul Fredrick

Hi, everyone! 

One of the things I love doing most- but rarely get to actually do- is dressing up. So when Valerie Williams of Paul Fredrick asked me to share my thoughts on wedding attire with you all, of course I jumped at the mere thought of pretty wedding outfits (and foods, and decor, and the bouquet, and...).

Paul Fredrick specializes in smart styles for professional men at affordable prices. Their website promises to offer the highest quality items and my favorite: clothes that get you noticed for looking SMART and CONFIDENT. After browsing around, I sure agree with that statement! Dressed up men are so fine! ;)

Val kicked off the party with her "Summer Wedding Season Has Returned" post on the the Paul Fredrick blog, and if you're a guy looking for some wedding inspo (or a girl that wants to make sure her wedding date is on point), I recommend checking it out!

As for my own take on summer wedding trends... Well, I believe there's two ways you could go. 
Defining traits:
-understated hues/pastels
-delicate fabrics + textures
-dainty accessories
-'nice guy/gal' attitude

Key pieces:

-whimsical bow-ties
-pastel colored button-down dress shirts
-patterned cuff links
-lightly colored/patterned suits

-precious headbands
-lace + ruffle details
-dainty jewelry
-lightweight blazer or cardigan

Defining traits: 
-rich hues
-luxurious fabrics + textures
-bold accessories 
-feisty attitude

Key Pieces:

-sharp ties
-crisp (but light-colored) button-down dress shirts
-simple cuff links
-white, gray, or tan suit

-shiny hair accessories
-cutout + sheer details
-statement jewelry 
-structured blazer

General Rules:
-wear shoes that are dressy, but comfortable.
-the best skirt/dress lengths are right above the knee for formfitting, and midi/tea length for a-lines.
-whether you're going classic/crisp or whimsical, choose light colors (the hues will make the difference).
-delicate stripes, polka dots and florals are safe bets in terms of pattern.

Hope this gave you wedding goers a bit of inspiration! Thank you so much for stopping by! :) And thanks, Paul Fredrick, for the invitation!

July 21, 2014

Style: First YouTube Lookbook!

Hi, everyone! Super quick blog post here, but homegirl's got a YouTube channel now and uploaded her very first VIDEO! This lookbook is a compilation of looks already featured on the blog, perfect for a summer vacay. We've got a beach look, daytime (lunch) look, and of course, dinner!

I'm excited to start digging into the YouTube life! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)