November 18, 2014

Outfit: Button Down + Exotic Scarf.

Photos by Jocelyn Apodaca
earrings: Eve's
scarf: gifted
top: New York and Co.
bottom: Old Navy
boots: Sketchers
clutch: unknown

Hello, lovely people!

It's been a while since I've been able to take a moment, breathe, and do some blogging. While everyone around me seems to be getting busier, my semester is (finally) slowing down and I have no shame in admitting my daily activities= sleep and hardcore Law&Order: SVU marathons. I guess that's the upside to torturing myself towards the beginning of the semester.

Since I came back to school, it's been difficult not only to find time for blogging, but especially for outfit posts- there's a select number of people that I feel comfortable asking for help, most of whom are not currently around the area/ not able to help cause they have their own lives and schedules, so I was pumped when my beautiful coworker (you rock, Jocelyn!!!) took me up on a quick photo shoot during our girls' day shopping trip.

I've been rocking this scarf quite frequently since fall began, and I even turned it into a toga for a party (though now there's pin marks in it and I'm not particularly happy about that). I can't remember where I got my hands on this beauty, but I thiiiiiiiink it might be one of the (high number of) scarfs that my grandma received as a present at some point and decided to share. Few things make me happier than my grandma getting scarfs as presents- my family has great taste, and my grandma always feels generous towards her youngest granddaughter :)

This particular day was my button down's death day. After wearing it one last time, I finally parted with one of my best wardrobe friends. You can't tell in the photos, but I've my mom has stitched the crap out of the back of this, since it started ripping about a year ago. It really was time to say goodbye!

And for now, it's my time to say goodbye to you all! Thank you so much for stopping by, and I promise I can't wait to be able to spend more time working on my little blog and finding new victims volunteers to help document my outfit posts!

Have a lovely evening!

November 11, 2014

Style: My Oscar de la Renta Favorites.

Confession: High-end designers aren't my cup of tea. Give me an H&M collab or a line with Kohl's, and I'm sold (cheers to you, Lauren Conrad!), but going out and spending an obscene amount of money on one item of clothing is something I just can't justify with my broke college kid wallet and ability to get bored quickly.

However, there are a handful of amazing people whose designs take my breath away every single time and who I hope to one day be able to integrate into my closet. This list is topped by Oscar de la Renta, who sadly passed away on Oct. 20, 2014. De la Renta is one of a handful of designers (alongside Elie Saab, Prabal Gurung, Diane von Furstenberg, and Maria Lucia Hohan) whose items feel like treasures- something I'd be able to hold onto for a lifetime. 

I've never been one to cry over celebrity deaths, but for some reason this one hit me hard. His designs are a fairytale, and his creativity and words of wisdom shall be missed. I still hope that one day I can be fancy in an Oscar de la Renta creation. 

For today, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite de la Renta creations with you guys!

Thank you for stopping by! 

P.S. The only Oscar de la Renta dress I will admit to hating on is that Sarah Jessica Parker Met Gala dress. 

*Disclaimer: The photos very obviously were not taken by me. Had I been able to attend an Oscar de la Renta show, I probably would have freaked out and had a heart attack. Thanks to my homie Google Images for the help. 

November 7, 2014

Outfit: Lacy Red Top + Wedges.

Photos by Leo Petriu
earrings: Charlotte Russe
top: thrifted
bag: thrifted
jeans: Old Navy
wedges: Mossimo @ Target

Hi, everybody! It's been a while. But now that I'm done with mad amounts of school work, I'm finally back at this blogging business. For now, just a short post- my parents came to visit last weekend, and I got my little mini me to take a couple of photos. He wasn't doing very well, hence my mid eye-roll caught in the second photo.

I'm so excited to be done with the most difficult part of my semester (and my entire undergraduate career, for that matter), and be able to take some time off and focus on my passions (namely blogging and Law and Order: SVU marathons). 

I've already registered for classes next semester, and I can't wait to have time to get more involved on campus- I'm done with classes and work by 4 p.m. every day! I'm going to be finishing my required classes next semester, so I'll only need some electives, and then bam! Hello, December '15 graduation! 

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I'm doing real swell right now, and I truly hope you are as well!

Thanks for stopping by!

October 20, 2014

Outfit: Anchor Top + Distressed Skinnies.

Photos by Amanda Cantrell
hair accessory: Icing
earrings: gifted by boyfriend
top: Rue21
bag: Aldo (via Plato's Closet)
jeans: Old Navy
ankle boots: LC Lauren Conrad @ Kohl's

Wow, it has been forever since I've done one of these outfit posts, and I've missed it so much! It kind of seemed like a lost cause for a while, but then I had a coffee date with my lovely former suitemate (shoutout to you, Amanda) and she was kind enough to snap a few quickies of my Starbs date look. 

It finally looks/feels-ish like fall here in southern NM, and I've been enjoying integrating long sleeves into my outfits (at least until noon when it gets toasty again). I got this gem of a top on sale at Rue21 for about $3 or so- cutest thing ever- and was excited to finally get a chance to wear it. 

One last item to point out- HOW AMAZING IS THIS ALDO BAG?!? Came with the tag and everything at Plato's Closet for $20 and I regret NOTHING. And alright, one last LAST thing to point out- the Rockstar skinny jeans from Old Navy are the most perfect affordable pair of skinnies in the world.

That's it for tonight, folks! Swing by on Wednesday for a compilation of my favorite Oscar de la Renta designs- I found out a few hours ago about his passing away and it shattered my heart into many pieces. 

October 17, 2014

Lifestyle: Where to Look for Coupons.

Hello, lovely people! Long time, no post! These past few weeks, I've been writing more papers than I've written in my first two years of college, so the absence was very much a need and 0% a want. 

Anyway, today I'd like to talk to you about my homeboy, the coupon. The less money there is in my bank account, the more I try hanging out with this guy. I've been obsessively gathering coupons since I can remember, and honestly, it shouldn't just be a poor college kid's signature behavior. 

If you have an extra 15 minutes on hand, why not save 20% off your next purchase rather than looking over your Facebook timeline again? Yes, coupons are a marketing tactic to get you in the store again, but if you learn to practice a tiny bit of self control, they might just be your savior.

First, let's look at a few places where you can pick up coupons:

For the most part, stores tend to want feedback on how they're doing- and are willing to reward those who take the time to answer! Whenever you purchase something new, do a double take on your receipt. Stores will offer 15-20% off your next purchase for about 15 minutes of your time. This is especially great when you're planning a more expensive purchase, such as shoes or coats.

One of my favorite resources is College Fashion, where a selection of the best Coupons & Sales going on around the interwebz is put up on a weekly basis. (And the site is overall awesome, beyond its Coupons & Sales section). 

Magazines usually have coupons spread out throughout their pages. Cosmo and Seventeen are big on beauty coupons, and I love People StyleWatch for clothing and accessory store offers!

Into watching beauty YouTubers? Look out for coupon codes and offers in their description boxes. I've seen a lot of them recently for the NuMe curling wands and based on how good the offers are, I'm going to be purchasing one as soon as possible.

Honorable Mention: Kohl's Cash- $10 off for each $50 in purchases. Just a great little perk when you go out and spend a bunch of money!

Important to remember: From the business' perspective, coupons are there to get you into a store and milk more money out of you. Make sure you spend your coupons on things you established as necessities before  you came across the offer. If not, coupons are a great resource to reduce the damage of retail therapy.

Happy couponing, and thank you for stopping by!