The Most Gorgeous Dress I've Ever Owned.

Aug 11, 2017

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
sunglasses: Warby Parker
necklace: gifted
earrings: thrifted 
dress: Who What Wear Collection at Target 
bag: DKNY via Crossroads Trading Co.
shoes: Nine West

...that's a big statement I have going on in the title, seeing as I'm also the proud owner of this beauty, and this one, but maybe my emotional attachment lies in the amount of work I had to put in for this gorgeous number. The moment Who What Wear started taunting me with this beautiful garment on Instagram, I knew I had to make it mine. The one tiny problem was actually finding the thing - by the time I decided to make the purchase, my size was sold out at every Target within reasonable driving distance AND online. But hey, I got the last laugh when a brand spanking new Target near me opened the week of my crisis. When I found out, I literally went to the store first thing in the morning, after not having slept all night (b/c crippling anxiety, not the dress - I'm not that extreme yet).

This dress makes me feel mature and sophisticated in a way I've never quite felt before. Yes, it probably feels a bit older than early mid (?) 20s wear, but, alongside the rest of the Who What Wear collection, it really makes me look forward to dressing up as I blow through more candles on my birthday cakes. I dunno - there's just something about that sharp editorial sophistication that has me giddy for a more tamed, developed style... though I miiiiight still be rocking crop tops and body chains well into my middle age *shrugs*.

Thanks for peeking!

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