A Simple Bodysuit and Slides - The Perfect Summer Hangout Uniform

Aug 21, 2017

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
sunglasses: Warby Parker
earrings: unknown
necklace: Rue 21
bodysuit: Forever 21
bag: Botkier (thrifted from Crossroads) 
trousers: Who What Wear collection at Target
slides: Steve Madden (via DSW) 

In honor of all the "content" overload everyone's probably experiencing on eclipse day, here's a short and sweet blog post for ya. Summer may be ending, but LA temps are gonna be nice and sweat-inducing for a second longer, so subtle transitional uniforms is what I'm all about. 

Today, feast your eyes on a lazy-proof look: simple bodysuit + trousers + slides. Easy, comfy and hella versatile. Slap on some patent heels and shiny statement earrings for the nighttime. 

Thanks for reading! 

Shoulder Pads Are Still Cool, Guys!

Aug 16, 2017

 Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: Forever21
top: thrifted from Goodwill
skirt: Zara
bag: Aldo
shoes: thrifted from Crossroads Trading Co. (orig. Madewell) 

...okay, so that's probably not a true statement, but it doesn't stop me from rocking them! I came across this v dated top on a Goodwill outing and it reminded me of big 80s hair and bowling alleys and neon signs, so into the shopping basket it went. Months later, it finally got christened on a night out at the DTLA Art Walk - if anyone is gonna appreciate my GLOWesque shenanigans, it's the LA artist community. I think. I hope. 

But back to that "shoulder pads are cool" statement - who on earth cares? I'm all for trends and fast fashion and Instagrammable looks and owning the same "it" top as every other blogger (because hey, some items really are that good), but clothes are an art form. Meaning, your sense of style should be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. So here's my reminder to y'all. It's okay to wear that thing everyone else thinks is ugly or costume-y or whatever else-y. At the end of the day, what you put on your body is your business, and it should have one main goal: to make you feel beautiful/badass/sexy/insertotherdopeadjective. Go get'em, tiger! 

Thanks for stopping by! Now go out there and be shameless in your style endeavors! 

Grids N' Smiles.

Aug 14, 2017

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: booth @ DTLA Art Walk (Dang Gurl)
cardigan: Charlotte Russe
dress: Tobi
bag: Zara
shoes: Clarks

What's got THIS girl all up in smiles today? Possibility, exploration, long walks and this purrrrty Tobi dress (also featured here). These photos are coming atcha live delayed by like 5 hours, but shot today nonetheless. It was one of those days that didn't come with a plan; one that had the potential to be lazy and bed-ridden. Instead, it involved an hour-long walk to downtown and impromptu sightseeing at some of LA's most gorgeous hotels.

For the occasion, I rocked nothing but the comfiest. You guys, Clarks shoes. We need to discuss these. My mom got her hands on these booties and swore they were the comfiest thing ever, and she's never been more right about an item. Pretty sure these are thrifted, as their shoes normally cost above the $100 price mark, but if you ever come across a Clarks discount, you need to take advantage. It's like walking on a cloud of fluff. I didn't even get any blisters! Speaking of shoes - anyone wanna throw some comfy shoe brand recs my way? Always on the lookout to grow that collection. 

Thank you for stopping by <3

The Most Gorgeous Dress I've Ever Owned.

Aug 11, 2017

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
sunglasses: Warby Parker
necklace: gifted
earrings: thrifted 
dress: Who What Wear Collection at Target 
bag: DKNY via Crossroads Trading Co.
shoes: Nine West

...that's a big statement I have going on in the title, seeing as I'm also the proud owner of this beauty, and this one, but maybe my emotional attachment lies in the amount of work I had to put in for this gorgeous number. The moment Who What Wear started taunting me with this beautiful garment on Instagram, I knew I had to make it mine. The one tiny problem was actually finding the thing - by the time I decided to make the purchase, my size was sold out at every Target within reasonable driving distance AND online. But hey, I got the last laugh when a brand spanking new Target near me opened the week of my crisis. When I found out, I literally went to the store first thing in the morning, after not having slept all night (b/c crippling anxiety, not the dress - I'm not that extreme yet).

This dress makes me feel mature and sophisticated in a way I've never quite felt before. Yes, it probably feels a bit older than early mid (?) 20s wear, but, alongside the rest of the Who What Wear collection, it really makes me look forward to dressing up as I blow through more candles on my birthday cakes. I dunno - there's just something about that sharp editorial sophistication that has me giddy for a more tamed, developed style... though I miiiiight still be rocking crop tops and body chains well into my middle age *shrugs*.

Thanks for peeking!

I Was Busy Thinkin' Bout... Books.

Aug 9, 2017

Happy freaking National Book Lovers' Day, everyone! Ok, there's way too many invented holidays out there, but this one holds a special place in my heart. Why? Because after a decade+ of books just not being my thing, I have become their ultimate devourer. Seriously - flashback to 1st grade in Romania where I got a summer reading list of 100+ books and read a grand total of 1 (bless you, Wizard of Oz). As a kid, I absolutely refused to give reading a chance... to my mother's absolute disappointment. 
When did I become a reader? When I started craving and enjoying me time. When I realized I wanted to be a writer/journalist and the only way to be a good writer is to be a good reader. When I came to the conclusion that I had wasted an upsetting amount of time not being intellectually curious and seeking out voices different than my own. 
This is a post of redemption. There are so many strong words out there that are waiting to be picked up. My "to read" list is inflating by the minute, but for now - here I am, sharing some #appreciation for the books that shook me in the best and worst of ways. Hope you'll give them a chance. 
Stephen Chbosky - The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Full disclosure: I saw the movie before I read the book... and it was the most moving thing I'd ever seen, so I just had to delve into the original source. 

Rupi Kaur - Milk and Honey
Her words are swords, I swear. I love her poetry. It's simple, uncomplicated and not a guessing game. So highly recommended!

Margaret Atwood - The Handmaid's Tale
Again, I saw the show before reading the book, and more than anything, I was curious about how true the show had stayed to the book. Verdict: pretty impressively true. 

Jeffrey Eugenides - The Virgin Suicides
This book got me through high school. 

Jeffrey Eugenides - Middlesex
Another amazing book by Jeffrey Eugenides. Love his rich storytelling - there's no real climax to this book, but delving into the life of its main character was mesmerizing. 

Kelly Williams Brown - Adulting
Incredibly funny and incredibly helpful. 

Jessica Knoll - Luckiest Girl Alive
Came across Jessica Knoll's piece in the Lenny Letter and it really sparked my curiosity for the book. I could not. put. this. book. down. 

Anne Helen Petersen - Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud
One of my most recent reads, recommended by NPR and yours truly. One of the few non-fiction books that managed to keep my interest from the very beginning to the end. 

Emma Cline - The Girls
If you're into cult stories, this is your book. 

Ashley Graham - A New Model
Loved reading about Ashley's beginnings. My favorite part? It's not a story about how modeling helped her see herself and her body in a new light blah blah blah - homegirl knew she wanted to model and was feeling herself to begin with!

Brandon Stanton - Humans of New York
I love love LOVE HONY and what it stands for and enjoy supporting such an awesome endeavor. 

Brandon Stanton - Humans of New York Stories
See above. The evolution from photos to stories was so natural and necessary. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby
My favorite classic and the only book I've ever re-read 2 times. Also probably the only book on this list that was completely destroyed in its movie version. Thanks, Baz!

Diane von Furstenberg - The Woman I Wanted to Be 
An amazing look into my favorite designer's life. Unapologetically lived and unapologetically written. 

Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Crime and Punishment
My second favorite classic, but damn, Fyodor, way to ruin it with the ending. 

Hope this will inspire y'all to pick up a new book (And don't forget to smell it. We really take these things for granted.) What are some of your favorites? I'm always seeking out new recommendations! 

Styling a Bodysuit for Brunch.

Aug 6, 2017

 Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
sunglasses: Warby Parker
earrings: Romania
scarf: thrifted
skirt: Crossroads Trading Co.
bag: Aldo
shoes: Zara

Happy Sunday Eve, precious ones! I hope everyone had a rejuvenating weekend - mine was filled with snuggles, yummy noms, and apartment deep cleaning which lord knows was necessary. SPEAKING OF YUMMY NOMS. I've been on an extreme brunch kick these past few weeks and have the photos (and future lookbook) to prove it. Today I'm looking back on this cute French-inspired little number, worn for a day at Smorgasburg LA. If you're roaming around in the City of Angels, oh you must try this beautiful conglomeration of food. I can't speak for all their vendors, but Goa Taco, Lobsterdamus, and Yellow Business come highly recommended by me and my tummy. 

As for the look? I've previously shared my love for this incredibly flattering bodysuit here. For this outing, I decided on a more ladylike vibe, mostly for the purpose of hearing my mom boast about how nice and delicate I look when I'm not wearing stuff with a lot of cleavage. This one's for you, mom!

Lastly, I'd like to extend my deepest gratitude to Zara for blessing me with these surprisingly comfy heels at the jaw-dropping price of $20. Rock on!

Hope everyone has a lovely week :)

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