Outfit: Polka Dot Sweater and Comfy Leggings.

Apr 10, 2014

Photos by Laura DeMouche
jewelry: handmade by boyfriend
jacket: thrifted
sweater: Worthington at JC Penney
clutch: thrifted
leggings: G by Guess (thrifted)
shoes: Wet Seal

Out of every single outfit I've ever posted, I can truly say this is as me as it gets. The color scheme, the mix between mall pieces and thrift store pieces, the comfort aspect, this outfit is everything I love about clothes. Back in middle school/first half of high school, 3/4 of my wardrobe was full of thrifted gems! I miss the days when people were impressed with my (read: my mother's) mad thrifting skills, and sometimes wish I wasn't so addicted to the mall setting.

This jacket is one of my all-time favorites- a versatile piece, which can be dressed down or up (as can be seen here). It even came with a skirt, so I'll definitely be wearing it in other combinations in the future. At the beginning of every month, my local thrift store has an offer where you can fill an entire large brown paper bag with whatever items you can fit in for $5. This little beauty occupied about 1/1000 of the bag, so I probably paid around 25 cents for it. What's not to love?

As always, thank you so much for stopping by :)

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