Outfit: Bright Girly Workout Gear.

Apr 24, 2014

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
sports bra- Champion
top- American Eagle Outfitters
yoga pants- Forever 21
sneakers- Reebok

There's something about spending at least one day taking care of my body that makes me feel so refreshed and invincible. Over the weekend, date day turned into 'let's be cute and active together' day with us braving the mighty rays of sunshine and exploring the basic Hollywood hike for the first time. To top it off, lunch at Lemonade, basically my new favorite place on earth, made us feel like our morning efforts weren't in vain. For about $20, we feasted on kale, chickpeas, pineapple chicken salad (?- don't quote me on that one. It had SOME sort of fancy fruit-chicken combo going on), a sandwich, and of course, a red velvet cupcake (it was tiny, alright?). For anyone salivating after reading that (or not, because my description does NOT do that place justice at all), you can find your new favorite Los Angeles food stop here

Style Tip: Pairing same color family brights is on trend and looks put together when you stick to two or three colors. Playing with top cutout elements will not only give the outfit an aesthetically interesting look, but will also add functionality by helping air out your body throughout the physical activity. Basically, brights + cutouts = recipe for success, at least in my world.
With beautiful weather quickly approaching, I can't wait to leave behind sedentary activities and shower the outdoors with the love it deserves. I have a feeling this summer will be spent in plenty of workout gear.

Thank you so much for stopping by! :)


  1. I'd love to do that hike one day! Wow, amazing!

    Visit me at my blog Spin Dizzy Fall

    1. I hope you get to! :) It's a super pretty view! Thanks for commenting!

  2. In love with your sneakers!


    1. Thank you! They're very comfy and incredibly inexpensive.


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