Outfit: Carrie Diaries Inspired Animal Print + Flower Power Look.

Apr 1, 2014

Photos by Leo Petriu
earrings: Icing 
shirt: New York and Co.
blazer: Wet Seal
skirt: Cherokee
heels: Charlotte Russe
This spring break, I've been catching up on all my Carrie Diaries episodes, and it's just been the ultimate guilty pleasure. I hate all of the characters- especially the way they talk- yet I can't get enough of the visuals, so I keep on watching. And by visuals, I of course mean Carrie's dad, who is a total hunk. Partially kidding! I'm also obsessed with Carrie's print-rich wardrobe. For today's outfit post, I attempted to channel some of Carrie's printed charm into my look. 
Though all three prints are relatively the same in size, they do not overwhelm because of the color scheme. At first glance, the skirt's vibrant colors pop out, balancing out the neutral animal prints. The skirt's cut and heels add height and definition to my legs, making it seem like I spent hours working on calf definition. Ladies, maybe she IS born with it. But most of the time it's just a nice pair of heels. 
Thank you for stopping by :) 


  1. Beautiful outfit! Love the proportions, the floral print and the shoes - such a wonderful idea! x

    1. Awww, thanks! You're incredibly kind :)


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