Bright Hat + Converse Trainers.

Jan 11, 2016

Photos by Leo Petriu
hat: Charlotte Russe
earrings: unknown
ring: street store in Mexico
jacket: New Look
top: Papaya
bag: Rue21
jeans: Old Navy
sneakers: Converse (via Ross Dress for Less)

A couple of times per year, over my hoarder mother's protests, my closet undergoes a deep cleanse. While I'm working on limiting purchases to superstar versatile low cost-per-wear gems, sometimes I give into the temptation of sales and clever store display marketing (still working on self control- although things are slowly improving). I usually get it right with my purges, but sometimes, the occasional "I wish I still owned that" creeps in.
This hat is one of those items that almost had a sad ending. I fell in love with it the moment I first laid eyes on it- next to the 'half off on hats' sign. It was a sassy, Clueless fanatic match made in heaven...until I wore it to school one day and got an off-putting comment about it by the mid 30's douchy guy sitting next to me in econ. I should've known better than to want to take out my anger on the hat- after all, this was the same guy that suggested trying our best to get on our pregnant professor's nerves so she'll "pop the baby out faster and be gone." Yup.
I suppose this post is a sort of public apology to my beloved hat. Dearest beloved cozy piece of fabric, I apologize for nearly giving up on our friendship because of some dude that clearly doesn't understand your worth (or just general socially appropriate behaviors). I'm glad you weren't a part of my wardrobe purge and I'm glad I get to share you with the world today. 
As for you, lovely reader- as usual, thank you for stopping by!

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