Breezy Dress + Nikes.

Jun 28, 2016

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
sunglasses: Warby Parker
earrings: LA Arts District market
necklace: gifted
dress: Topshop (via Crossroads Trading Co.)
backpack: Aldo
sneakers: Nike (via Crossroads Trading Co.)

It's been a quiet month and a half on this here blog, but after 7 countries, 12 trains and 17 kilograms of backpack, I'm back on the world wide web. You know the cute emoji with hearts instead of eyes? Well, that was me thinking about the content that I could put out during my trip. You know, those idyllic photos of everything I saw and consumed and wore in real time (-ish).  However, as my trip went on, the possibility of that became slimmer and slimmer because a) I didn't adequately pack for the weather which led to me wearing the 1 long sleeve I brought for most of the 1st half of the trip. Super uneventful. and b) I ended up enjoying real life too much to bother with blogging or being on the Internet in general (give or take a few Instagram and Snapchat posts). Go figure. 

Don't fret though, travel posts (and a very slim collection of outfit posts) are a'coming. Let's start off with exhibit A: a casual comfy look for day 1 of exploring in Budapest. It was the first leg of our trip when I finally got to say "YES! This is the weather I packed for" and bust out my airy summer things. I was in heaven. 

You'll notice this outfit (and the rest travel ones to come) isn't pretentious in the slightest. The hard truth is that there are a grand total of 0 tourists prancing around in heels or super special pieces while they travel. Committing to backpacking a continent means committing to the experience itself and leaving anything beyond that as an afterthought. In that case, I was fully committed. Most days there was no time for makeup or nice hairstyles because there was so much to see and do! 

As a young blog-loving person on the internet, it's easy to get caught up in travel superficialities like creating the perfect travel album. At the end of the day though, the likes come and go, but your memories and experiences are forever. To those of you that have a flair for fully living the experience and meticulously documenting at the same time, I salute you. For those of you that end up wearing the same linty shirt in all your eyes-half-open, face-full-of-sweat photos, I feel you.  


  1. hey, just because you may not be getting comments to your posts as often as you'd like, doesn't mean that people aren't visiting and enjoying your blog... Good to see you posting again!

    1. Thank you. That's very sweet <3 I'm glad you enjoy my blog!


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