Outfit: RHCP Tee + Button Down.

Jan 31, 2013

Photos by Amanda Cantrell
RHCP t-shirt: Kohl's 
boots: Charlotte Russe 
jeans: roommate 
oxford shirt: thrifted 
earrings: Forever 21 
ring: some cheap boutique

For the longest time, I've been wanting to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in concert. Over the summer, I was in Romania for 2.5 months, and the Chili Peppers had a concert there...basically 2 weeks after I left. 

In April, I will be heading out to Cali to spend my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. It just so happens that during the weekend that I'm there, exactly ON our anniversary, Red Hot Chili Peppers will be playing at Coachella....and I still don't get to go. Sadly, they don't sell one day passes and I can't afford to pay over $300 for a weekend pass. Poor college student budget, anyone?

Anyway, I found out about Coachella this week, and it put me in a very depressing-slash-wearing-my-RHCP-shirt-more-times-than-I-actually-should mood. I tried to dress it up a tiny bit, and here is the result:

Hopefully at some point in time, the universe will decide to be on my side and give me the opportunity to see the RHCP in concert. Until then, I'll just wear this shirt many'a times.

Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

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