Outfit: Peter Pan Collar + Fancy Pants.

Oct 24, 2012

Photos by Amanda Cantrell
blouse: Charlotte Russe
shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless
pants: thrifted
 pearls: stolen from mother's collection

Ever since I entered college, sleep hasn't really been on my top priorities list. It does sound cliche, but it really has nothing to do with the "Social Life, Sleep, Grades: Pick two" stereotype. My take on it is that you can have all three. I mean, you can socialize in class, while you work on getting good grades, and then sleep when you have to, right? Anyway, getting to my point. Well, I haven't exactly been getting the amounts of sleep that I need simply because I waste my time like none other. I get my homework done, get all excited because there's time to sleep, then somehow end up socializing with people until ridiculously late hours.

This behavior does have its positive outcomes, though. I've developed a habit of trying to dress extra nice every time I'm about to: a. fall asleep in class, or b. fail an important exam. I guess I feel much more motivated to stay awake and get through the day when I get a bunch of compliments. I usually wear really bright colors during such times. There's something about the energy that comes along with wearing hot pink...
This was my outfit yesterday, when I was extremely tired/sad/angry and everything in between! I tried something slightly business-y and formal, but still fun :)

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