Outfit: Festive Peplum + Black Skinnies.

Dec 8, 2014

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
pearl set: mother's
peplum top: Charlotte Russe
blazer: thrifted
clutch: mother's
pants: American Eagle Outfitters
shoes: Candie's at Kohl's

I was a bit overdressed for Thanksgiving this year, but luckily, my pants were snug enough (all hail jegging material) to make room for all the delicious food I got to sink my teeth into. The beautiful peplum top I purchased especially for the occasion also helped. Seriously, guys. It was better than Christmas! The lack of good food in my system throughout this semester has been overwhelming.

The lack of good clothes, though, is a different situation. Because there was no lack of good clothes. Because I went a bit crazy with my shopping again. Because yolo sometimes I'm an irresponsible 20something year old.

My two new additions for this look were the peplum top (versatile) and the simple black pumps (also versatile), so I don't feel particularly bad. Those pumps are pretty comfy, too, and I'm in love with how pretty they look on. I guess Kohl's is the place to go for your first pair of black pumps. Who would've known?!?

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it a whole lot! Happy finals week!


  1. Love this look! The location where you shot at is beautiful with the sun reflecting into the photos.


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