Outfit: Slouchy Sweatshirt + Body-Con Skirt.

Mar 1, 2013

Photos by Amanda Cantrell
sweatshirt: Michael Kors 
skirt: Forever21
 tights: Charlotte Russe
 hat: Wet Seal
 boots: thrifted 
scarf: unknown

I've been incredibly sick these past few days, so I guess you could say slouch is my middle name. Since Thursday I got this new burst of energy- the type you get once you feel better after being sick and you feel like you can take over the world and such- I decided to semi-dress up. For comfort purposes I stuck with the slouchy look, but I wanted to feel a bit less repulsive so I opted for a pretty skirt and tights. Overall I was incredibly satisfied with the result. I felt girly, but not show off-ish.

I could go on entire rants about fashion in college and the way some girls just overdo it. My Fundamentals of Fashion professor goes on entire rants about it and it's absolutely hilarious. Don't get me wrong, I love my glitter and heels just like every other girl, but walking a college campus in stilettos just seems a wee bit exaggerated in my world. Though stilettos in high school were completely socially acceptable, or at least I pretended they were :)

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