Vibrant Winter.

Jan 4, 2014

Photos by Leon Petriu
hair accessory: unknown
earrings: unknown
jacket: Old Navy 
sweater: Old Navy
woven shirt: Aeropostale
bag: New York and Company
leggings: Body Basics
boots: thrifted

When I was turning 16, I had an insane pink phase. My Sweet 16 birthday party was filled with pink napkins, plates, clothes, and presents. Since that's my most vivid memory from the teenage years, pink has always been a color that I associated with my childhood.

In an effort to adopt a more grown-up look, I've steered away from that color scheme. I'm purchasing more neutrals and reds these days. But the truth is, pink has always been- and will continue to remain- who I am. Yes, it's the stereotypical ultimate girl color, and it probably invites people to not take me seriously, but with a look that goes beyond the head-to-toe bubble gum vomit that I used to favor back in the day, I'm hoping I can still show my brights some love without being automatically linked to Barbie in people's heads. 

I suppose trying to pass off leggings as pants doesn't particularly help my cause, but these are just the comfiest things I own- AND they're thick enough to not show unwanted skin. The dark bottom balances out all of the pink and purple sunshine radiating from my upper body, making the outfit more mature rather than lazy college girl status (which is definitely how I was feeling at the time). 

All in all, however much I try to escape, I think pink is here to stay in my life/wardrobe, so I should probably just accept my fate.

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  1. That pink bag is gorgeous! I love your colorful outfit :)

    1. Thank you! The bag is one of my favorites!


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