Outfit: High-Waisted Pants and Sequin Crop Top.

Mar 25, 2014

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: Icing 
necklace: Icing
blazer: thrifted
crop top: Wet Seal
clutch: thrifted
pants: Forever21
heels: BCBG Girls

Since I spend my life running between classes, work, and the gym, dressing up doesn't happen nearly as often as it should. I crave the high school days when I could walk around in my high heels without murdering my feet and dress up just because I could. Of course people still do that on college campuses, but I'll admit I do judge those girls that walk the campus length in high heels (only because I'm jealous of their mad skills).

Since my boyfriend was in town for his spring break, I jumped at the opportunity to dress up for our semi-fancy dinner date. We went out for cheese fondue and dessert, so that called for some really classy sparkly crop top action. While the usual fancy girl uniform consists of a nice dress, crop tops let you get away with wearing pants on a night out, while still allowing for that sexy feminine look through their body hugging form.

Crop tops are incredibly versatile pieces, so there's no wonder they're still in high demand among college students. Even though it is sparkly, my top could easily be recycled for a more casual outfit featuring high waisted jeans, a pair of Converse, a cardi, and a backpack. A lot of stores, such as Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Wet Seal, have a variety of crop tops on sale for under $10, so they're definitely a steal. I got a basic blue one at Wet Seal for $3, and I cannot wait to style it and share it with you guys. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you so much for stopping by! :)


  1. That crop top is so stunning! So perfect for a night out on the town. Love how you dressed it down for a casual day.


    1. Thank you, Sabrina! I love the top! It was really cheap as well :)
      Your blog is lovely!

  2. I judge girls who wear high heels to school too! How do they do it? I usually only do it out for dinner or something, like you. And I agree, crop tops are great! I can't wait to get some more.


    1. Right?!? I did it in high school because our campus was pretty manageable on heels, but walking on heels on a university campus? Sounds pretty deadly to me. And crop tops are the greatest! Thank you for reading! Your blog is great! Just followed you on Bloglovin'


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