Outfit: Printed Shorts and Long Sleeves.

Mar 20, 2014

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
bow: Icing
earrings: Charlotte Russe
necklace: Rue21
long sleeve: New York and Company
bag: thrifted
shorts: Wet Seal

There is a huge problem with the current weather in Las Cruces- always too hot, always too windy. For the most part, you can't win. Luckily, my temperature tolerance is different for different body parts. In high school I wore short shorts when it was below freezing point and people questioned my sanity, but unless I had at least 3 layers and a jacket on top, I couldn't walk out of the house. Well, I think I've finally found my solution- heavy top, airy bottom!

The printed shorts are some of my favorites because of all the pairing options- any of the print colors are free game for the top! Ah, the possibilities! Here is a previous (much more colorful) look with the same shorts. The safest bet with these would be to keep your upper half monochrome (as I've done in both outfits), but for a more daring look, stick to smaller prints and at most two colors, preferably from the same color family as the shorts. And for those of us that are on the shorter side, a sturdy, chunky wedge is always a good choice.

Thanks for stopping by, and happy spring! :)


  1. I love your shorts. Great colors and pattern.


    1. Thank you! They were quite the catch!

  2. Que zapatos mas monísimos :)


    1. Gracias! Son mis nuevas conquistas :)


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