How to Style a Basic Slip Dress.

Oct 24, 2016

The sight of bracelet stacks and dangling necklaces is intoxicating, and so is the feeling of coming up with a look like that on a day when I just want to be sleeping and sipping on some tea. The latter is the bad kind of intoxicating, obvi. As in, the type that has that creepy black skeleton with the crossing bones on it 'intoxicating.'

Hence, as much as I love stalking blogger upon blogger and admiring their keen attention to detail, I just can't commit. Nuh-uh, my friends. On a Sunday you will find me sleeping away until the very last minute, at which point I will throw an embroidered slip dress on and dress it down with some of my favorite staples.

This thrifted number is one of my favorites. Although I wear it very rarely, it's one of those items I'm probably going to be saving for the kids. Quality material, timeless shape. To make it current, I added the shoe trend that took us lazy folks by storm - a super cool structured sneaker (my Lacoste babies are gray, but some crisp whites would completely transform the look) and a battered denim jacket- a staple of every thrift store in sight.

At the end, I added just a sliiiight bit of pizzaz with a vibrant liquid lipstick. It's amazing how such a minimal effort-requiring procedure can pull together a look.
 Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
glasses: Warby Parker
jacket: Crossroads Trading Co.
dress: thrifted
bag: Rebecca Minkoff
ring: vendor in Mexico
shoes: Lacoste

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  1. Slip dresses are so hot right now! I love them with a white t-shirt underneath. Have a lovely day! <3



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