Outfit: Lilac Tunic and Pastels.

Jun 2, 2014

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: Charlotte Russe
tunic: Romania
clutch: gifted
belt: Rue21
shorts: Wet Seal
shoes: Bamboo @ Rue21

Greetings, friends! These past few days have been filled with summery weather and rainbows and smiles and stuff, so in honor of plenty o'happy moments, I've decided to go the pastel route for this outfit. While I was still in school, my grandma sent over a package from Romania containing two traditional Romanian blouses (called 'ie') and I finally found the perfect day to wear one of them! The super extra traditional one (the one I'm not currently wearing) is long sleeved and white with red embroidery and I'm so excited to share it with you all soon-ish. I've always wanted an ie, but the authentic ones cost a fortune. Luckily, I have a grandmother that loves me a lot. 

The one that I'm currently wearing is perfect for spring/summer- both in color and composition. The material is flowy and doesn't allow for sweat buildup. Perfect for those hot summer days! I also feel like I'm representing my Eastern European roots on-the-go, and I just love having my ie as an ice-breaker. Go ahead, ask me about my culture. I will gladly go ON and ON about it!

In completely unrelated news, on the 31st I went to see OneRepublic and The Script live for the Native Summer Tour and I just NEED to talk about it. You guys, leaving aside the fact that I've been infatuated with OneRepublic ever since Apologize came out back in 2006... if you need a good, entertaining night out, just go to this concert. Both bands were so insanely good, and they're the type of artists you KNOW want to be there on stage for the experience, not just for the money. The Script were really entertaining and energetic, and there was such a positive energy surrounding their performance. It was just so obvious that they cared about their fans and were really grateful to be performing up on that stage. And of course, their music was really great too!

And OneRepublic...gosh, where do I even begin?!? Their show was brilliant! The effects, the vocals, the song choices, the transitions, everything! Just remembering it gives me goosebumps. Ryan Tedder's range is out of this world, and all the guys are badass at many many instruments. As my boyfriend put it, each one of them could do really well as a solo act, and the fact that they're playing together makes the combination even more amazing. I just... no words. NO WORDS. I should probably stop now, because I could go on about them forever. Basically, my mind was blown, and as a band, they are so deserving of all the fans they've acquired throughout the years. I leave you with a picture from the best day of my life:

Thank you for stopping by, and go see OneRepublic! I promise you will not regret it! :)


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