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Jul 23, 2014

Hi, everyone! 
One of the things I love doing most- but rarely get to actually do- is dressing up. So when Valerie Williams of Paul Fredrick asked me to share my thoughts on wedding attire with you all, of course I jumped at the mere thought of pretty wedding outfits (and foods, and decor, and the bouquet, and...).
Paul Fredrick specializes in smart styles for professional men at affordable prices. Their website promises to offer the highest quality items and my favorite: clothes that get you noticed for looking SMART and CONFIDENT. After browsing around, I sure agree with that statement! Dressed up men are so fine! ;)

Val kicked off the party with her "Summer Wedding Season Has Returned" post on the the Paul Fredrick blog, and if you're a guy looking for some wedding inspo (or a girl that wants to make sure her wedding date is on point), I recommend checking it out!

As for my own take on summer wedding trends... Well, I believe there's two ways you could go. 
Defining traits:
-understated hues/pastels
-delicate fabrics + textures
-dainty accessories
-'nice guy/gal' attitude

Key pieces:

-whimsical bow-ties
-pastel colored button-down dress shirts
-patterned cuff links
-lightly colored/patterned suits

-precious headbands
-lace + ruffle details
-dainty jewelry
-lightweight blazer or cardigan

Defining traits: 
-rich hues
-luxurious fabrics + textures
-bold accessories 
-feisty attitude

Key Pieces:

-sharp ties
-crisp (but light-colored) button-down dress shirts
-simple cuff links
-white, gray, or tan suit

-shiny hair accessories
-cutout + sheer details
-statement jewelry 
-structured blazer

General Rules:
-wear shoes that are dressy, but comfortable.
-the best skirt/dress lengths are right above the knee for formfitting, and midi/tea length for a-lines.
-whether you're going classic/crisp or whimsical, choose light colors (the hues will make the difference).
-delicate stripes, polka dots and florals are safe bets in terms of pattern.

Hope this gave you wedding goers a bit of inspiration! Thank you so much for stopping by! :) And thanks, Paul Fredrick, for the invitation!


  1. Randomly found your blog and I’d like to say that you have amazing design, beautiful photos and interesting posts! I’m also impressed by your style! Everything is perfect!

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  2. I go for sweet! :)

    1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE the sweet looks! So summery!

  3. how very dapper.. love the emerald green earrings.

    1. Thank you! The emerald green earrings are some of my favorites! :)


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