Outfit: Traditional Top + Cherry One Piece.

Jul 21, 2014

Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
headscarf: thrifted (orig. Neiman Marcus)
swimsuit: ModCloth
cover-up: Romania

Hello, internet friends! Today marks the last of my Mexico vacation posts, so I'll be going back to posting regular everyday type outfits for the rest of the summer. Hopefully you guys have been enjoying my boyfriend-generated images, cause my little brother is about to take those over.

I've been wanting one of these retro-looking bathing suits for YEARS, but could never justify spending that much money on a bathing suit (I will not say how much I spent on this. My poor mother would faint. I almost fainted, too). I feel like many people wouldn't consider it to be a whole lot, but you're talking to someone who's grown up on garage sales and thrift stores and taught that everything over $10 isn't worth its price. I've moved up a bit since those days, but I'll be keeping this suit for many years to come so I can justify its cost!

Anyway, the item I REALLY want to talk to you guys today is my cover-up. It's actually called an ie, and it's a traditional piece of handcrafted Romanian clothing. I've been wanting one of these for SUCH a long time (also an expensive piece of clothing if you want the real deal). My grandmother very kindly sent this to me and I was beyond ecstatic!

I feel so proud to be able to wear this top out in the world. It's so airy, and the detailing is carefully placed and beautiful! While I've seen the general style of this top very on the rise lately, the detailing on everything in stores isn't nearly as intricate as this, and I would assume most people don't have such a sentimental connection with these types of tops. However big this trend gets, I'll still view this top as an unique little part of my heritage. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! :)


  1. I love your retro style cherry swimsuit.


  2. Oh my... that swimsuit is absolutely adorable and delicious! :D

    1. Thank you! It was definitely worth the splurge.


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