Outfit: Neon Peplum + Boyfriend Jeans.

Dec 29, 2012

Photos by Alexandra Hehlen
peplum shirt, boots, earrings: Charlotte Russe 
boyfriend jeans: Aeropostale 
scarf: Romania 
binoculars, bag: garage sale

There's no real story or inspiration or message I'm trying to convey behind this post. I just felt childish and colorful and playful and in a stalking mood, hence the binoculars. I'm pretty sure people would argue that the binocular pictures represent me best. I'm a very....intense person, let us say, when it comes to my passions and obsessions. Everyone and their mother is aware of my Gerard Butler and Anderson Cooper fetish, for example. It's gotten to the point where my boyfriend sends me a picture of the TV every time Anderson

Cooper is on. To be clear, I never actually plan on stalking the guy(s)-- ya know, just casually being in the same city as them, in the same hotel, on the same floor will suffice. Kidding.
I'm not sure how my outfit post turned into a rant about Gerard and Anderson, but hey! Now you have a little more insight into my life...or something.

And now, I leave you with a Gerard Butler fun fact! He's dating a Romanian supermodel whose name is Madalina (which is my full name as well)! So, I know for a fact he likes Romanian Madalinas. So much hope! Now I just need to get the supermodel part down.... yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahno.
Okay, now my rant is completely over, I promise!

Thank you for stopping by :)

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