Outfit: Sequin Tee + Fitted Blazer.

Dec 23, 2012

Photo by Ionela Petriu
jeans: Aeropostale
boots: random Romanian boutique
everything else: thrifted

On Saturday, I did what any normal, sane person would avoid doing: I went shopping on the weekend leading up to Christmas. Now don't be fooled by my lack of bags. I assure you I did not walk out of that place with only one bag. I do this thing where I stuff a bag within a bag within a bag so my daddy doesn't go on his "bla bla bla wasting money bla bla bla that is all you women are good for" rants, because seriously, I'm a good shopper. I don't really think that paying $5 for a pair of pants is wasting money, given the fact that some people I know pay $30 for an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt and act like it was the best find ever. 

Anyway, I'll save the shopping rant for a different time. I just want to say that going shopping this weekend was a very scarring experience. I'm usually a pretty in-your-face, touchy-feely person, but the amount of claustrophobia that I experienced during that trip was ridiculous. The mall resembled a jungle, and the concept of survival of the fittest definitely came to mind. If you can survive the hour-long lines, the people rubbing against you, and the suffocating atmosphere, then you're golden. Some good did come out of it. I purchased some beautifully chic and cheap items that will be featured at some point this winter break in a haul post. 

Until then, I leave you with my comfy shopping outfit- a simple jeans-boots combination, accessorized with a striped blazer and scarf, and showing some holiday cheer with the help of a festive headband and sequin-y shirt :)

Happy Holidays, folks :)

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