Black Polka Dot Crop + Girly Trousers.

Aug 29, 2016

I understand the basics of marketing and product placements in magazines; therefore, I'm usually immune to them. However, every now and then, something slithers through and haunts my dreams until I cave in. It's all random, really - one time it was a pair of chunky Lulu*s heels that I came across in multiple magazines. I wanted them so much that when I couldn't find them online, I even Tweeted at Lulu*s and attached a photo, continuing to stalk until I got my hands on them. That's a lot of effort for someone who actively tries to not be an involved consumer. 

As it turns out, the shoes aren't particularly versatile (or comfy, for that matter), but the one other item of clothing I put nearly as much effort into purchasing is! This cropped polka dotted baby has put me out of my mundane wardrobe misery plenty'a times throughout college, where I paired it with anything and everything in my closet (see here, and in a surprisingly out-of-character setting, here). Aeropostale is part of those kinds of stores that most of us feel like we have no business scouting out after middle school, but there's some real gems in there, especially during sale season. I bought an amazing winter jacket for $5 a couple of years ago. Can't beat that. Really. 

This look was a bit more funky - maybe an Ariana Grande-type if she was more casual and not as set on wearing heels. Maybe it's the hair that makes me think of her? The pants are one of the few youthful impulse purchases that still linger around years later. They're a bit difficult to take on sometimes, but I find them really fun in this combination, don't you think? 
Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
sunglasses: Warby Parker
necklace: unknown
top: Aeropostale (Map to Mars)
bag: Rebecca Minkoff (via Crossroads Trading Co.)
pants: Forever 21
sneakers: Adidas (via Crossroads Trading Co.) 

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  1. Such a lovely combination! Beautiful!


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