Little Maxi Black Dress + Artisanal Choker.

Aug 27, 2016

No analysis or musings for tonight - just a quick look, shot on our date day this past week.

As tough as it's been to take on LA, and as discouraged as I've felt these past few weeks as I fully realized the magnitude of its talent pool and its lack of opportunities without connections, days like that make me feel like it's worth it. 

The fact that you can just get free tickets to a show taping and watch one of your role models (read: Ashely Graham) speak, even for 10 minutes, right in front of you is absolutely crazy to me. As someone who's constantly critical of celebrity culture and the way media feeds into the frenzy and portrays it, I 100% struggle with my feelings of giddiness when coming so close to someone famous. 

I know there's so many other things the world should be focusing on rather than the entertainment industry - and I'm so glad that for the most part, at least in my social circle, that is the case. Ultimately, I do think that media (especially on its social media channels) is slowly ruining celebrity culture and making it reach an all-time trashy high (or I guess low), but that's a discussion for another day. That's also something that as an aspiring journalist and PR professional, I plan on challenging. 

Right now, I just know that little 10-year old me, huddled under a stack of blankets in the middle of the night and watching every single awards show that would broadcast in Romania, would be flipping out if she only knew that one day she'd get to stalk Kevin Spacey on the red carpet or watch Chelsea Handler doing her thing live. 
Photos by Aidan Bradbury-Aranda
earrings: unknown
sunnies: Warby Parker
sweater: Crossroads Trading Co. (orig. Ellison)
dress: Charlotte Russe
necklace: Rachel Rayburn
shoes: Nine West (via Ross Dress for Less) 

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